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Neuengasse Bern Echo Internet Cafe TSR Geneva
Neuengasse 36, Bern
Echo Internetcafé
Cybercafe, Aarau
TSR Geneva
View from TSR-Tower in Geneva
PC TIP Kamera Topin Uetliberg Topin Hotel Zürich
PC Tip Kamera
PC Tip Cam
Topin Uetliberg
Actual Image
Topin Zurich City
Actual Image

All swiss Topin cameras
GCS Office GCS Tram Kachelmann
GCS Axis Kamera
Anybody working?
GCS Axis Kamera
Catch the Tram!
(I caught one ;-)
Jörg Kachelmann's
Meteomedia AG,
Actual Image from Gäbris.
KKS Luzern #1 Office Domjan Access via link below
Kulturzentrum Luzern
Kulturzentrum Luzern
Office of Hans Domjan
Plaza Out #1 Plaza Out #2 Plaza Office
WebCam at PC Factory PCF GmbH
Outside #1 Outside #2 Office
Office Oechslin again EPFL
Office of Philippe Oechslin Office of Philippe Oechslin EPFL Live updated

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