The first real computer we had at home was a Hewlett Packard 150. This was in the early stoneage of computers when Billy Gates still was horsing around in his garage and nobody knew MS-DOS.

A little later the probably most popular homecomputer was born, the Commodore C 64. As you see on the pcture I alsways had to be special. I put mine in new box.

I think it was in 1986 when I discovered the new dreammachine from Commodore the Amiga 1000. It wasn't as popular for musicians as the Atari 1040, but comparing to PC's it was like day and night. The Amiga was never an everybody's-office-machine. The whole series was and is built for creative people. As the first model was introduced PCs still had around 16 colors, the Amiga 1000 had 4096. The videosystem of the Amiga was built to fullfill all needs. That might be a reason why Amigas are so popular in samll TV-Stations and Videoproductions.

After my Amiga 1000 I bought the next bigger one, the 2000 and today I still own an Amiga 4000 and use it quite frequently to grab pictures from all kind of videosources.